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Best Electric Pressure Washer

Electric Pressure Washer
There are two key factors when it comes to deciding what electric pressure washers you should buy: whether you need medium-duty or light-duty and what brand to choose. Our pressure washer reviews aim to help you choose the best electric pressure washer.

For seasonal cleaning jobs like your driveway and gutters, electric pressure washers are the optimal tool. They can also be used for regular cleaning jobs like your lawn equipment and your vehicles. An electric pressure washer can help you accomplish most jobs around your home. A gas washer would help you finish quicker the bigger cleaning jobs, but an electric washer is an ideal choice if you only plan cleaning your driveway several times a year.

Greenworks, Campbell Hausfeld, AR Blue Clean, and Karcher brands offer 1-year limited warranties on items like the motor and pump. Sun Joe is the only manufacturer to offer a 2-year limited warranty.

It is important to look for some key features when you select your electric pressure washer model. Among these features, check if the device comes with extra nozzles, how much does it weigh, whether it comes with wheels for easy maneuverability, whether it has a brass or plastic coupling to connect the garden hose, the presence of a detergent system, if it has a plastic of a stainless wand, what is its electric cord and hose length, if it has a hose reel, storage onboard for nozzles, and the type of the PSI/GPM.

Electric pressure washers offer various powers:

  • Light-duty (Up to 1700 PSI) – it is lightweight and affordable and great for small jobs around the house. However, its range of cleaning jobs is limited due to its limited power.
  • Medium-duty (1700 PSI – 2800 PSI) – provides great value for your money and can be used for cleaning back deck, stairs, driveway, vehicles, patio furniture and more. It is the most popular range of electric pressure washers for residential use.
  • Heavy-duty (2800 PSI +) – above 1.8 GPM and 2,100 PSI the price goes up significantly. You can expect to pay above $1,000 for heavy-duty electric units. However, you’ll not have to refill the fuel several times a day if you choose an electric heavy-duty unit.
    The best brands when it comes to electric pressure washer products are Karcher, AR Blue Clean, Greenworks, Sun Joe, Campbell Hausfeld, and Pressure-Pro.

Karcher K1700 vs Sun Joe SPX4000 vs GreenWorks GPW1501 vs AR Blue Clean AR383

In order to help you choose, here are our reviews of the best electric pressure washer models:

Karcher K1700

The Karcher brand has a good reputation for their quality products. The Karcher K1700 electric pressure washer is one of their top items. It draws 14 amps and runs on a 120V household current in order to deliver 1.2 GPM max and 1700 PSI. Its power is enough to accommodate typical cleaning jobs. This lightweight unit may not be suitable for the tougher scenarios such as removing accumulated dirt on the second story or stripping old paint. However, it is versatile enough to perform various small tasks.

In order to allow for easier cleanup, this electric pressure washer model comes equipped with a removable, 0.5-gallon detergent tank. It comes with various nozzle configurations, including a turbo nozzle and a 15-degree all-purpose nozzle. A 20 feet long high-pressure hose comes with the unit. The foot pedal featured by the Karcher K1700 allows the operator to easily turn on/off the machine.

The foot pedal featured by the Karcher K1700 allows the operator to easily turn on/off the machine. This home residential unit also comes with a unique power cord storage that allows the electrical cord to wrap around the back. In order to provide additional protection from electric shock, the cord has a built-in ground-fault circuit-interrupter.

The unit has a compact design, weighing 20.7 lbs and measuring 17.25 L × 16,5 W × 33 H. Moving it around is easy, thanks to the relatively large wheels. No tools are necessary when it comes to assembly.

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Sun Joe SPX4000

Founded in 2004, Sun Joe is a relatively new manufacturer in the market for outdoor tools. However, many of its products are able to compete with those of reputable, older brands. The Sun Joe

SPX4001 electric pressure washer is one of them. This particular model comes with an onboard hose reel and special pressure select technology. This electric pressure washer is well built and ready for medium cleaning tasks.

The Sun Joe SPX4000 unit is powered by 1800 watts through a powerful 14.5-amp motor. Its start system is electric and only requires the push of a button. The unit provides 1450 – 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM, being able to support two different cleaning pressures that can be selected through the Pressure Select Technology. The package also includes a trigger gun, spray wand, high-pressure hose, lower handle frame and its pressure washer assembly, upper handle frame and its hose reel assembly, five quick-connect nozzles, garden hose adapter, needle clean-out tool, and the technical manual.

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GreenWorks GPW1501

GreenWorks GW 1501 is a great tool for medium cleaning jobs such as cleaning the patio or your car. It provides a power of 1500 PSI and a circulation level of 1.1 GPM. The nozzle provides a 25, 40 degree, three tips, and a lower pressure foam sprayer. This electric pressure washer provides a 25 feet hose pipe and 35-foot cable so it’s great for long ranges.

The device is a high-quality pressure cleaner with an effective 13 amps motor. It features a fairly small style and comes outfitted with wheels, for easy transport and storage. It is a flexible device that is able of performing a wide range of various chores.

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AR Blue Clean AR383

The AR Blue Clean AR383 is, for many people, the best electric pressure washer model. This well-built product has dominated the electric pressure washer market for years. Its main advantage is the balance between price, quality, and power.

If you need to wash your car, with this unit all you need to do is to attach the hose after you plug it in. Then point the spray gun and you’ll be able to completely clean your car in only half the time required with a garden hose. All this is possible while using five times less water. However, when you buy this washer model ensure to also buy the brass hose fitting because many customers complain that the stock plastic one not sturdy enough.

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